Name Nikita Samarin
Label Privacy Researcher and Technologist
Summary Nikita Samarin researches the role of software engineering in privacy compliance as a Ph.D Candidate at UC Berkeley. His record includes publications and papers on topics spanning privacy engineering, authentication, and secure machine learning. His previous experiences include research roles at EPFL and UCI, and teaching at the University of Edinburgh, where he earned his BSc with Honors in Computer Science.





  • 2022 - Present
    Computer Ethics Education Center
    The Computer Ethics Education Center offers materials and resources to teach students about the social, ethical, and legal implications of computer technologies.


Privacy and Security
Privacy by Design
Privacy Engineering
Deep Packet Inspection
Static and Dynamic Analysis
Laws and Standards
Qualitative Research
Quantitative Research
Mixed Methods
User Studies
Participatory Design
Data Science
Ethics and Technology
Data Governance
Data Analysis
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Software Engineering
Web Development


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Jamie Sutherland (Mallzee)
Nikita is a hard working driven individual who is a delight to work with. With a keen eye and the drive to tackle any problem, no matter the size, he is someone you want to have on your team.
Boris Grot (Edinburgh U.)
I know Nikita as his Personal Tutor. In my interactions with Nikita, I have been consistently impressed by his enthusiasm and can-do attitude. Nikita strikes me as a determined and ambitions individual, yet also one who is considerate and very sociable. In my experience, this combination of academic strength, determination and friendliness is highly desirable yet not very common. Overall, I strongly recommend Nikita for both technical and more "human-facing" roles.
Risto Laanoja (Guardtime)
Nikita proved to be a quick learner. Based on purely academical skills he picked up best industry practices, frameworks and related technologies at quick pace, progressed from top-down solution oriented code to idiomatic, layered and expandable approach. Problem-solving-wise he showed great independence and did not hesitate to ask for help and share his opinions. The result of his work is a new, purely functional implementation of KSI signature API, including the verification code, which helped to show the correctness of existing procedural and object-oriented implementations.
Adele David (Edinburgh U.)
Nikita was selected to become one of the University of Edinburgh's Students Abroad Representatives during his study exchange in California. Nikita's dedication to the promotion of student exchanges, and his active participation in supporting enhanced links between the University of Edinburgh and our partner university abroad proved a valuable contribution to the University's internationalisation strategy. As part of the programme, Nikita also had the opportunity to develop his networking, communication and organisation skills, which will be a strong asset for any future work that he might undertake.