Nikita Samarin

Privacy Researcher and Technologist, UC Berkeley


I am a Research Technologist at the California Privacy Protection Agency (CPPA) and a Ph.D. Candidate in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. Previously, I worked as a research assistant at EPFL, UC Irvine, and as a teaching assistant at the University of Edinburgh, where I obtained my BSc with Honors in Computer Science.

My current work focuses on understanding the impact of existing software engineering practices on end-user privacy, as well as proposing solutions that implement the privacy by design (PbD) principles and other best practices. To achieve these goals, I employ multi-disciplinary methods, spanning from technical analysis of software artifacts to semi-structured interviews with privacy professionals.

I am always happy to chat and grab a coffee. The best way to reach me is to connect with me on LinkedIn or email me at nsamarin [at] Please allow me some time to get back to you.

selected publications

  1. Lessons in VCR Repair: Compliance of Android App Developers with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
    Nikita Samarin, Shayna Kothari , Zaina Siyed , and 7 more authors
    Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PoPETS), 2023
  2. Empirical Measurement of Systemic 2FA Usability
    Joshua Reynolds , Nikita Samarin, Joseph Barnes , and 4 more authors
    In USENIX Security Symposium , 2020